The Top 10 Casinos on the Las Vegas Strip

I have a different approach when it comes to comparing the casinos along the Las Vegas Strip to other writers. Many travel writers concentrate more upon the facilities and prices of the hotels when ranking the top 10 list. Because this blog is focused mainly on casino gaming I am more focused on the casinos that offer the best guidelines and conditions for playing.

Yes, I do take into consideration the things I eat at and facilities. However, I’m a player, and I’m guessing you’re also. The reason for this is that the descriptions the casinos concentrate more on the conditions of play which earned them a spot on this list, rather than other features.

Be aware of this However:

The game rules at Las Vegas casinos, both in as well off of the Strip are subject to alter frequently. Casinos with a sole zero on the roulette wheel as well as the prison rules may only have American roulette at the time you go there. Make use of this list as an introduction, but don’t be surprised if any of the gambling conditions have changed since I posted this article.

1. Circus Circus

It’s true that this list isn’t a specific sequence, however, you will not see any “top 10 casinos of the Las Vegas Strip” pages that feature Circus Circus at #1 besides this one. The reason I’ve included it here is due to the fact that Circus Circus has some of the most affordable Baccarat games available on the Strip that have the minimum bet being $10 per game. Because baccarat is generally thought of a high-roller type game, it’s difficult locate a game with the same low minimum particularly at the Vegas Strip.

There is also a decent but not great blackjack game with two decks. The house edge for the game, if you play with a perfect basic strategy check it out, is around 1.1%. The majority of their table games are average.

The second reasons Circus Circus makes my list is because I enjoy the circus. It is possible to see daily circus performances for free between 11am and midnight.

The old casino plain has plenty of charm. Perhaps the most important to an old meat-loving Texas like me there is a steakhouse situated on the premises. It’s dubbed, appropriately, “The Steak House.” It’s been named Best of Las Vegas for more than 30 years, and it’s been named the top Las Vegas steakhouse by Zagat’s numerous times.

2. Treasure Island

There are many casinos along the Strip with blackjack rules that are excellent. When I refer to exceptional blackjack rules, I am referring to the game has an edge on the house of less than 0.5 percent. The best odds, however will result in an edge of 0.2 percent if you employ a an excellent basic strategies. There are many casinos on the Strip that are suitable for this, too.

The issue is that almost all of these sites require a minimum stake of $100.

That’s the reason Treasure Island is toward the top of my list of casinos along the Las Vegas Strip. There are blackjack games that have the 0.2 percentage house edge and the minimum bet being $25. It’s the two-deck games where the dealer has to bet on a soft 17.

What else do Treasure Island have to offer?

There is also craps that comes with a minimum bet of one dollar and the odds are only restricted by double odds. If you’re a small-stakes gambler and want to play, it’s a great idea to get into a game of craps when you have the lowest minimum bet. The $10 minimum table offers odds of 3X4X5X.

I’m also a huge admirer of music from the western country as well as honky tonks. I’m going to mention the awesomeness of it to have an on-site Gilley’s. If you’re unfamiliar with Gilley’s, it’s named in honor of Mickey Gilley, and it was the honky tonk used in the film Urban Cowboy.

3. The Stratosphere

I’m awestruck by the restaurant that was located at the highest point of the Stratosphere but I’ll come back to that later, after I discuss these craps-related games. The Stratosphere ranks among my best 10 casinos along the Strip due to their the odds of 10x, and that’s nearly the highest you can see in the Strip. Minimum bets are $5.

The majority of people are aware of what it means If you’re not know, here’s a brief explanation of why it’s crucial. The most basic craps bet will be the pass line bet. It’s an bet on the possibility that player will “succeed.” It is able to do this by rolling either a 7 or 11 during the come out roll. If he scores a 2 or 3 or 12 during the come-out roll your pass line wager will lose.

Any other number will result in “a points.” In that scenario the shooter rolls until he rolls the point a second time or is able to roll a 7. If the point is rolled prior to making a 7 then is successful, that bet on pass lines is paid at an even amount. If the player rolls first with a 7, the pass line bet is lost.

Once a date is determined, you may make the “odds betting bet.” The only bet at the casino that is rewarded with real odds meaning there is no house edge. If you have more funds that place on your odds wager, lower the house edge will be on the total amount you can bet.

The edge for the house on the Pass Line bets is 1.41 percent. If you opt for 10X odds the house edge is reduced to 0.18 percent. Craps is one of the most profitable bets you can make in the casino.

The blackjack games offered at the Stratosphere aren’t terrible, also. There is a house edge of about 0.5 percent when you use a basic strategies, and they have a minimum wager of $10 per hand. It’s very low for a place located on the Strip.

Then, The Top of the World Restaurant is something you should not skip. I had dinner at the restaurant with my spouse (at that time) as well as my best friend’s wife and her husband. The food was not only amazing however, the view was stunning. We were up above the ground that you could spot helicopters flying above the Strip However, we were way above the helicopters. It’s one of the restaurant that rotates, which means the view changes every time you sit down. Everyone should try this at least at least once.

4. The MGM Grand

The first game in a casino I played was roulette. Of course there are no odds for most roulette games due to the presence of the zero and zero and the.

But the smart players know that some roulette wheels contain a single zero. The tables that have zero zeros have an edge on the house of 2.7 percent instead of 5.26 percent. This is a significant improvement.

Additionally, SOME Roulette tables can be betterbecause they have the possibility of even money bets lose only half. This cuts down the house edge for even money bets more, down to 1.35 percent.

The MGM Grand has this kind of roulette table. It’s certainly not the sole casino in the Strip with these rules but they’re the sole casino on the Strip that have such a small minimum bet, which is just 25 cents per turn. The other casinos on Strip that follow these rules have minimum bets of either $50 or $100.

If you are able to manage the minimum bet of $100 that is the case, it is worth it. MGM Grand has some excellent blackjack tables that have house edge of just 0.2 percent. They are two-deck games in which the dealer has to sit on a soft total of 17.

The casino has 170,000 square feet gaming space It’s also the biggest gaming facility within Las Vegas.

5 – The Bellagio

The Bellagio is on the list due to two reasons:

  • The 0.2 percentage blackjack game with a house edge.
  • The luxurious, extravagant poker room, complete with famous players.

To get the advantage of the 0.2 percent home edge in the Bellagio You have to be prepared to wager $100 per hand. This is the minimum table bet in these games. Also, you must be able to play using a perfect strategy. Find the games with two decks where the dealer is required to stand on a soft 17.

I’m amazed by the poker rooms there. It was my first time at a truly beautiful poker hall and, I was nervous as I was playing at higher stakes than I’ve ever been for. In reality, I recall my friend Todd told me to not be anxious, as I should think of the betting unit and not think about that I was working with funds until match ended.

The most exciting aspect of this Bellagio poker club is their high stakes poker room where poker stars are able to hang out and play. David Sklansky was there the first time I was there. My friend Todd was having a blast convincing me to believe that I was the first player in tradition of the game to place Sklansky on the table. I was not drunk enough to do it, but I tried getting drunk.

The Bellagio also has the European roulette style which I have praised at the MGM for. The minimal bet for Bellagio is $50 instead of $25. Bellagio is $50, not $25.

In addition it’s a lovely luxury property that has lots of great restaurants and other facilities.

6 . The Casino Royale

Casino Royale Casino Royale is one of the Best Western property that caters mostly to players who have low-rollers. The main reason it is popular is the craps table. Minimum bets are $3 and they let you make 100X odds. That means you can place a bet of at least $3 in the line then make an odds bet of $300. The cumulative house edge for the bet is 0.02 percent. There isn’t an edge lower in a casino other than this.

There are reports that state you cannot get 20X odds with the minimum bet of $3, but only when certain times are in the casino. Don’t be shocked by the rules of the game if they aren’t what you’re expecting at the time you arrive. Even at 20X odds, it’s the best value you can get for a game of craps.

They’re also known for their promotions on slots. The latest offer I found advertised on their site is one that gives you $20 worth of credit after you have lost the first $20 in the slot machines. Then you receive rebates at a rate of $20 for each 100 you’ve lost.

They also have the top return on video-poker on the Strip although they’re not among the top on the market.

7 – The Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay is another casino that offers European roulette. Mandalay Bay is another Strip casino that provides European roulette. It is a game played with only one zero where bets on money lose only 50 percent. The minimum bet is $50 for the game. They also provide one of the most popular Blackjack games with two decks that has an 0.2 percent house edge, however it’s not that is suitable for those with low stakes. The minimum bet is $200.

It’s a sprawling luxurious hotel that has more than two dozen restaurants and numerous shops. It’s also known as the location from which the most horrific massacre in history our country was held in the year the year 2017. It’s not fair to exclude the casino off my list for this reason, but.

8 The Wynn

I have included Wynn Wynn in this listing since I believe it’s a great location for players who are Martingale player to try their hand at roulette. They provide the identical 1.35 percent edge roulette game that is offered at the other casinos mentioned However, they offer the minimum bet of $100 and the maximum bet is $5000.

What is the significance of the highest bet really have any significance?

When you play Martingale System Martingale System, you’re doubling the size of your bets following every loss. This improves the chance of winning sessions even though the net profit for the session is typically smaller. The smaller the betting maximum is in relation to the minimal bet the quicker you’ll reach the point at which the system ceases to function.

It can be viewed in this in this way:

At the Mirage the game is played with an initial wager of 100 dollars and an maximum stake of $1000. How many times will you need to lose before you can’t place the next bet since you’ve hit the table maximum?

Let’s look:

  • $100
  • $200
  • $400
  • $800
  • $1600

If you lose less than four times in the same row, you won’t be able to go on with your betting strategy.

In contrast when you place a maximum bet of $5000 bet, you are able to remain in the game for for a bit longer

  • $100
  • $200
  • $400
  • $800
  • $1600
  • $3200
  • $6400

The extra loss will give you some extra room for your system to operate.

Remember, however it is true it is true that using it is the Martingale System eventually leads to an inevitable loss session which wipes out any small-sized wins you’ve used to have previously.

When you’re playing high-limit games like this, you could be a victim of loss quickly. Only high rollers can apply for this type of game.

If that’s the case, The Wynn is the location to go to.

The Wynn also offers one of the best promotions for players in the Strip. When you’ve earned your 30 points in the first round, you’ll be able to spin the wheel. The prizes on the wheel are the range of $10-$10,000 of credits from the machine for free as well as get tickets to shows and buffet coupons.

9- New York

This is not a listing of New York, New York here for any particular game. Instead, I’m listing it because of their promotional offer where you can purchase a $30 “Win Card” for just $20.

Here’s how:

It is a Win Card is similar to a casino chip that remains active until the moment you have to lose it. If you play the $30 Win Card on black and you receive $30, you get your Win Card. It is possible to keep it on black, and possibly be able to win another time.

You’re able to play with the Win Card until you have lost it. You can only purchase 1 Win Card for each every year, but it’s an excellent bargain. It can be used to play blackjack, craps or roulette. It is intended to be an aid to master the table games.

10 – Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is another casino I’ve added to my list due to reasons that aren’t related to their gaming tables. In this instance, it’s due to a different promotional offer. The promotion is linked to the buffet they serve.

They also offer a 24 hour buffet for $55 to Rewards Club members. It’s $60 if you’re a non-member, and the price goes up on Friday and Saturday–to $70 or $75 (members/non-members). It gives you access to whenever you’d like to the following buffets that are part of the program:

  • The Carnival World Buffet is located at Rio Suites
  • Flavors at Harrahs
  • Paradise Garden at the Flamingo
  • Emperor’s Buffet on the Quad
  • Le Village Buffet at Paris
  • Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood

It is possible to add to the Bacchanal Buffet for an extra $15 either $20 or $25 depending on whether or not you’d like breakfast or lunch or dinner there. Additionally, you can add an additional seafood menu at Rio for an additional $10.

If you’re a gourmet or gourmand then this is one of the best deals you can find in Vegas.


Here’s my top 10 casinos along the Las Vegas Strip, largely dependent on the casinos that have the most favorable gaming conditions for certain games. I’ve tried to include interesting details about the facilities and restaurants, however, you’ll discern why it’s not as important.